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Gary B

I've been wondering how the Kiwis feel about his, being classified as Aussies?


Gary, if they perform well we'd call them Aussies anyway. Just like Russel Crowe.


Michelle C 50/65 PU
Michael L 110-130/43 Dip
Katrina C
Montana C 70/46PU
Andy W 110/43 Dip
Mel B WPU (1.25-2.5kg) HSPU 1 Abmat
Alex C 85-95/73BPU
Vaughan N 50/38PU
Darren W 140-160 28(Para)
Sonya R 70-75/30PU
Rob Cam 110/39 Rxd
Chris C 120-140/108 (P/ups)
Rich G 130-150/38 Rxd
Jo L
John J 100-115/60PU
James S
Glen E 120-14/34 Dips
Caryn A 40-50/41PU (Bench)
Lauren D 45-50/28 PU Bench
Lachlan B 90-110/48 Dec PU
Mel P 70-80/447 PU
Luke Y 110/41 Rxd
Melissa W
Rebecca S 70-85/15 Dips
Miguel J 110-120/45 Rxd
Mitch F
Kate T 70/15 Dips
Michael C 100-110/20 Rxd
Alison J 65/70 PU
Tim H 120-130/10 Rxd
Josh G 90-95/31 Dip
Micah M 120-140/48 Dip
Fi Mc
Matt J 120-130/29
Jim H 90/44PU


Corey W 135-150/35 Rxd
Shaun Mc 90/63 PU
Roger S 130-150/61 Dips
Glen w 100-115/66 PU
Bill C 130/41 Rxd
Dalibor I 100-115/26 Rxd
Emma K 90/25 Dips
Claire M 80/50 PU
Sumi N 60/35PU
Helen M 70/43PU
Mel C 60/50PU
Liz Bo 20/45PU
Steve M 115-127.5/4+6
Karel W 115/38 Rxd
Alan H WPU 12.5/66 RPU
John B 130-150/35 Rxd
Monique H
Anna R 70-80/27 Ring dips
Steve W 130-145/92PU
Miles W 110/44 RPU
Victoria O 30/53 Bench PU


Ramon 4+1
Elizabeth W 5+3 SDHP
Jayd M 4+12 BJ
Robert H 4+1 PU
Lexi W 5+4 SDHP
Maria L 4+3 SDHP
Amanda F 5+9PU+9 SDHP
Gary O 4+3 BJ

Greg A 120-135/101PU
Ingrid O 70-77.5/25 BPU
Mel Web 65-75/51 PU
Annette H 80-85/30 Dips
Viggi H 70/103-43 BPU
Disco Danny 150-170/50 Rxd
Claus Schwitz 140-145/61/PU
Andy C 45-55/69 1Abmat
Sean R 80-95/33 Band HSPU
Eddie C 120-150/36 Bar Dips
Jenni R 70-77.5/33 BPU
Donna J 65-80/66 RPU
Christian T 70/63 BPU
Sarah S 65-80/52 PU


Well today marks my 2nd Anniversary at CFB and I would just like to thank all staff and crew for helping to change my life around for the better! The dedication and examples set by Matt and your team is a credit to the movement and I have been privileged to meet so many great inspiring people. I have been blessed to be able to see transformations of many people from beginners to now and those that have reached coaching status and moved on to open their own box! I look fwd to completing my 1st CrossFit games tomorrow, finishing my old job and then sending of a great coach being Mr "Disco" Danny Mellor at the Boundary Hotel in West End! Their is an area set aside for us upstairs from 6:30pm.
Thanks once again for being an important part of my daily life.


Natan G 120/34 Rxd
Steph R 60-75 PB / 40 PU
Sue-Ann L 30/40 Incl. PU
Shaun O 120/20 Ring dips
Oz 180/47 Rxd
Trent A 50/58 Abmat
Dan L 85/27 Bench PU
Steve Mc 105-110/50 BPU
Sharif D 85/65 Bench PU
Olivia G 70-77.5/46 BPU
Andy L 90-110/55 Bar Dips
Andy J 110/23 Rxd
Tim P 100-140/30 BPU
Costa L 100-110/21 Bar Dips
Steve P 65-77.5/ BPU
Michael L 75/29 Abmat HSPU

Brad Mac

Clay & Disco Danny,

Thanks for your help with the games WOD this morning. Really appreciate the judging Clay and encouragement from Danny and the boyz.



Bill S

Well done Whitey on the 2 years mate!! Time flies when you're having fun and hurting most mornings with the 5am crew.......but we keep coming back for more!! Keep it up mate!!


Well said Whitey - its been great working out with you at CFB

Ashley shield

Well said Whitey, it has been a real pleasure working out with you, you support and encouragement when I have been hurting bad has always been greatly appreciated. You are true testament to what Crossfit is all about. Congrats on two years and I look forward to the next two.

Ashley shield

Completed today's WOD at home 60/70/72.5/75/77.5 sub hspu for push-ups 10/7/5/5/4 did all push - ups as games push ups.
New PB on the deadliest by 7.5 kg very cool

Bill S

8pm in WA:

Todays WOD

Bill S 140kg/8, 140kg/5, 150kg/5, 160kg/5, 170kg/5 Rxd


4pm Trainer WOD
500m Row
BW Deadlift x 12
24" Box Jump x 21
Matt 10.01
Doug 9.11

Simon T 100-112/40 Bar dips
Tiff B 60-70
Cam LJ 130-140/39 Rxd
Ian B 150-165/95 PU
Libby A 70/63 Bench PU
Lachlan S 120-125/111 PU
Tim L 130-150/39 Ring dips
Katrina W 40-42.5/27 Bench PU
Shane H 110-125/25 Dips
David B 80-85/29 Rxd
Dane D 90-100/32 Dips
Vincent W 105-110/57 Rxd
Jason C 110-120/53 Rxd
Bernie S
Jacqui K 50/63 PU
Arend Q 90-100
Matt H 50/80 PU
Peter F 100-120/82 PU
Dallas L 70-85/82 PU
Matt B 90-95/29 Dips
Sean G 110/40 Rxd
Doc P
Andy T 90-110/29 Rxd
Karl L 85/44 Dips
Andrew G 70/45 PU
Robyn B 40-55/75 PU
Mary W 70/41 Rxd

Coby M 80-100/52 Ring Dip
Lee H 80/40 PU
Steph S 45-50/49 Bench PU
Sarah B 50/38 PU
Rob Coo 140-150/67 Dip
Emma H 60-65/50 Ring Dip
Amy H 60-70/60 Rxd
Alex B 5-12.5 WPU/48 Dip
Dennis B 130-135/28 Rxd
Jim D 110-120/64 PU
Joe D 10/49 Dips
Elliott P 122.5/32 Rxd
Janelle K 70/60 PU
Liz S 45/24 PU
Sherrin H 70-80 PB/45 Pushup+
Harry F 30/53 PU
Glen B 80-100/90 PU
Danny C 50/85 PU
Prue S 35/30 PU
Jodie H 70-80/42 RR
Matt H 80-90/25 Rxd
James L 110-115/42 Dips
Joe G 110-115/48 Dips
Kate M 95-105/35 Dips
Nathan B 90-100/72 PU

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