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Baby John

This was the highlight of the night for sure!

Awesome pic!!!


Great photo!

Bill C

Open Workout 11.4
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
60 Bar-facing burpees
30 Overhead squats (120lbs / 55kg)
10 Muscle-ups


Noooooo I can't do Muscle-ups. Well it was fun while it lasted.

Bill C

Ed, I think if you can do a few burpees it still counts towards your score keeping you in the game.


chest and thighs touching the ground is the standard for burpees. I guess that means its snake time :-)

Gary B

Arghhh, muscle ups! Well I guess we all knew they would be coming. This workout will put some serious distance between competitors who have the skill and those who don't. It will be especially tough for the girls.


I agree John it was one of the lifts of the weekend !


Don't worry, Ed. There's 90 reps of burpees and OHS (combined) before you have to worry about a muscle up.

Photo from mainsite. Spot the Hill twins in Auckland: http://www.crossfit.com/mt-archive2/LondonL1_AucklandL1_OahuL1_AlexandriaL1_VerveCPC_KingOfPrussiaCFK.html

Shane H

Like Karel said the burpee's and ohp will be enough of a challenge for most so dont stress brother and enjoy the movements you can do


Good points! I just looked at the workout PDF from the Games site and the score card only has room for three rounds so I can imagine, like everyone has just said, that the Burpees and the OHS will be hard enough work. Then I can spend a min trying for my first Muscle Up (fingers crossed).


Jeriah A 70-85
James S 40-50
Mel B 35-50
Rob Cam 85-100
Ashley S 70-75
Tim Mc 50-55
Montana C 60-75
Alex C 60-67.5
Fabian V 85-95
Brad Mc 100-110
David T 100-120
Emma K 70-80
Tim H 80-90
Kate T 45-55
Nick P 40-50
Gary B 85-92.5
Darren W 130-152.5
Katrina C 42.5-52.5
Miles W
Rebecca S 60-80
Jo L 30-35
Jim H 70-80
Sonya R 30-50
Luke Y 85-100
David E 50-55
Melissa W 30-50
Mitch F 85-100
Micah M 12-125
Paul W 40-50

Joe R 70 Across
Shaun Mc 70 Across
Denise H 42.5-45
Mel C 45
Helen M 40-50
Sumi N 40-45
Shaun O 90-107.5
Matt J 90-100
Alison J 60-65
Jon A 80-92.5
John C 60 Across
Brad F 50-60
Victoria O 40-50
Dalibor I 60-65
Steve Mus 90-102.5
Ben L 60
Steve Mc85-92.5

7am Intro
Justin 7 Rxd
Josh B 6+7SDHP Rxd
Erica 3+3SDHP (12)
Jessica 3+10BJ (12)
Jason 5+7PU Rxd
Andy 7+6SDHP Rxd
James 5+2SDHP Rxd

Annette H 75-90
Sarah S 40-65
Michael L 60-90
John S
Oz 120-140
Greg A 80 Across
Viggi H 65-90
Christian T 75-100
Krista M 55-65
Sanchez 75-85
Sam B 60 Across
Jodie H 60-70
Roger G
Mel Web 55-62.5
Jenni R 40-42.5
Donna J 30-40 Mod

Trainer WOD
Matt 140-170
Clay 110-115
Danny 110-127
Wendy 42.5-45
Lily 70-75
Kate 57.5-67.5
Jimmy 110-125

Sharif D 80-95
Mary W 60-70
Eric A 60 Across
Mike W 60 Across
Helen B 42.5-47.5
Janna M 40-42.5
Andy J 92.5-105
Andy L 70-80
Sarah W 40-52.5
Steve W 95-110
Patrick G 60 Across


Brad 110- 125 azz to da floor


Brad Mc 2km Row
Tim L 100-115
Michael Mac 2km Row 8.10
Ben S 100-112.5
Natan G 100-110PB
Katrina W 25-35
Anna R 70-75
Matt R 85-100
Lachlan S 80-100
Gene S 105 Across
Libby A 55-60
Cam LJ 100 Across
Dane D 95 Across
Olivia K 40-47.5
Simon T 95-100
Jason C 80-100
Arend Q 70-85 PB
Linda A 25-35
Rob B 70-80
Brenda P 8kg DB FS (6x5)
Karl L 70-100 PB
Nikola A 32.5
Chris T 80 Across FS
Sean G 95-105
Joe D 60-75
Damian L 95-107.5
Taya L 30-50
David S 100-110

Geoff P 80-90
Elliott P 100-107.5
Karel W 90-102.5
Sarah B 40-55 PB
Kieran Q 12.5kg DB
Ellen M 40 Across
Joe G 80-95
Ash D 70-90
Nathan B 80-85
Tim P 100-115 PB
Deryn C 25-35
Alex B 80-95
James L 80-105
Costa L 70
Matt H 90 Across
Dean F 100-110
Jonathan S
Ryan T 90-100
Jade A 20-22.5
Catherine R 40 Across
James H 40-50
Martin R 95-105 PB
Megan P 40-45
Scott L 80-85
Lee H 90 Across
Kate M 75 Across
Liz S 25-32.5
Andy Mc 120-130
Liz Bu 27.5-40

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