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Team 1 - 251/62.75
Lauren D
Jim H
Jo L
Vaughan N

Team 2 - 251/62.75
Alex C
Rob Co
Emma H
John J

Team 3 255/63.7
Justin Mc
Doc P
Montana C
Tim H

Team 4 - 309/77.25
Lachlan B
James S
Rich G
Melissa W

Team 5 - 348/87
David E
Jamie E
Suzy B
Brad Mc

Team 6 - 417/104.25
Migeul J
Amy H
Darren W
Sonya R

Team 1 - 388/97
Victoria O
Matt J
Roger S
Darren W

Team 2 - 465/116.25
Ian B
Alison J
Dalibor I
Helen M

Team 3 - 342/85.5
Steve M
Claire M
Adam L
Fiona H

7am Intro
Jacqueline D
David E


Qld State Gymnastics Championships are on at Chandler this weekend

The Internationals are on Sat night 7-9.30



Roger aka Fossil

big shout out to Darren this morning. filling in to make a full team at 6am after already smoking it at 5am was a huge effort.... and the fact that he led the way on the second charge was even more impressive... likewise kudos to Victoria.... tackled and conquered the rx sandbag.. working with them and Matt was great ... really enjoy the team wods...


Trainer WOD
3 Rounds for Time:
50 Double Unders
25 Wall Ball "2 for 1"
Jimmy 10.49 Rxd
Lily 9.33 Rxd
Kate 12.29 Rxd

Chris W Comp WOD 11.23 Rxd

Team 1 - 105
Greg A
Amorica R
Andy Mc
Alex S

Team 2 - 112
Kieran P
Nada M
Ben W
Kate A

Team 3 - 135
Viggi H
Annette H
Sarah S
Michael L

Team 4 - 79
Will S
Danielle R
Roger G
Maggie M

Team 5 - 135
Mick L
Sharif D
Mel W

Wendy S

Deadlift 7 x 3


Great job today in the 915 Mel and Mick... it was good fun working in a team of three and trying to keep pace with the other teams. Thanks Chris also for being our 0.4 ;-)

kate s

Great job on the rowing today Kelly (12pm). You did awesome. Well done.

Ashley shield

Stuck in Melbourne and unfortunately missed what looked like a great WOD. Completed a 5km row at the hotel (concept 2) just missed my target of 20mins completed in 20.38.


Team 1 - 374/93.5
Karyn H
Collette O
Joel B
James W

Team 2 - 506/126.5
Kelly HS
Clarke M
Charles S
Tim P

Team 3 - 564/141
Kate M
Carl H
Ross T
Ron E

Team 4 - 335/83.75
David L
Matt H
Steve Mc

Team 1 - 592/148
Tim L
Joey D
Katrina W
Geoff P

Team 2 - 406/101.5
Daru A
Feng C
Tiff B
Damian L

Team 3 - 322/80.5
Ryan M
Corinne D
Andy Co
Dave B

Team 4 - 459/114.25
Chris Mc
Matt B
Kevin F
Myles C

Team 5 - 508/127
Michael W
Jon C
Shane H
Chris T

Team 1 - 412/103
Joe G
Steph S
Kris A
Scott L

Team 2 - 502/125.5
James L
Sarah B
Ash D
Jim D

Team 3 - 405/101.25
Dan R
Megan P
Karel W
Michael Mac

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