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Option #1
Scale the weight back that you can do 6-8 reps with or go BW for 3 rounds

Option #2
DB Bench Press or max pushups
Band Pullups

Suzy B 62/40=102 (25kg)
Chris B 136 Rxd
Andy W 13/42=/55 Rxd
Alok P 58/25=83 (35kg)
Tim H 18/63=81 Rxd
Sonya R 21/24=45 (30kg BPU)
Vaughan N 82 (50kg BPU)
Dane D 22/37=59 Rxd
Rich G 61/33=94 Rxd
Kate T 44/34=78 (35kg)
Ed B 24/77=101 Rxd
Corinne D 39/43=82 (25kg)
Dave B 27/52=89 Rxd
Katrina C 46/38=84 (35kg)
Montana C 34/13=47 (40kg)
Mel B 69/18 (25kg)
Gary B 5/55=60 Rxd
John J 45/43=88 (60kg)
Jo L 21/20=41 (30kg)
Jim H Mod
Mel Wea 40-40=80 (35kg)
Pat O 28/31=59 (80kg)
Justin Mc 29/57=86 Rxd
Martin R 129 Rxd
David E 49/15=64 (40kg)
Miles W 27/37=64 (70kg)
Miguel J 37/77=114 Rxd
Micah M 20/28=48 (BW/RR)
Darren W 40/69=109 Rxd
Emma K 47/21=68 (50kg)

Bill C 57/82=130 Rxd
Steve M 10/77=87 Rxd
Karel W 32/54=86 (62.5)
Jake I 51/76=137 Rxd
Corey W 54/92=146 Rxd
Donna M 34/32=66 (30kg/22)
Michael C 23/105=128 Rxd
Gerard L 69/36=105 (50kg)
Mel C 50/54=104 (30kg)
Kai K 49/47=96 (70kg)
Alan H 56/86=142 (50kg)
Mark L 54/48=102 Rxd
Victoria O 36/28=64 (30kg/BPU)
Roger S 29/58=87 Rxd
Megan P 21/39=60 (35kg/BPU)
Steve W 71/75=146 (50kg)
Steph K 60/40=100 (22.5kg/BPU)
Angela H 43/46=89 (25kg/BPU)
Steve Mc 55/51=106 (55kg)
Dalibor I 36/38=74 (60kg)
Anna Mac 43/19=62 (25kg/BPU)
Jon C 49/54=103 Rxd
Fiona H 42/32=74 (27.5/BPU)
Maria L 43/21=64 (25kg/BPU)
Alister R 63/37=100 (50kg/BPU)
Alana B 44/27=71 (40kg)
Nada M 26/47=73 (25kg/BPU)
Erica C 39/45=84 (35kg/BPU)
Anna R 23/73=96 (42.5kg)
Stephanie X "Donna" (5kg) 4rnds

Ben Weare

Modified version of yesterdays wod...

5 Rounds for time

15 Squats
15 Burpees

Ben W 12:55
Kenny C 14:20

Corey W

Well how quick a year goes , one year ago today i walked in the CFB box to do a AMRAP 20mins of 400m run and 30 wall balls it was horrible .

Firstly i would like to congratulate Matt & Wendy on such a great place to train , its credit to you guys and the enviroment you have created .

I would like to thank Matt and all the trainers (Danny i know you still read this page this is you as well) for the past year in putting up with me and crappy form at times, you guys do a massive job so thank you .

To all the guys i train with 6am crew past and present cheers for all the encouragment .
5am crew all the smart coments and crap on the way out is appreciated as well.

I am still trying to work out what is wrong with me (and all of us ) that we get out of bed so early to come to a cold in winter hot in summer box to pay someone to yell at us and make me want to spew ??But i love it and here will be many more years to come .

So to all thank you for a great year .



Hey Corey,
Thanks for that. I am glad that you walked into the place a year ago! You have made a lot of progress since your first session and I know there is going to be a heap more to come! Happy CFB birthday!


Hey Ben,
Hope you are doing well bro, good to see you posting results,

Bill S

Well done Corey!!


Mark L 3 (30kg)
James M 3+2BJ (25kg)
Damian A 3+13BJ (20kg)
David Mc 2+12BJ (15kg)
Nick R 3+8BJ (20kg)

Sina Mc 43/28=71 (25kg/BPU)
Lousie B 72/30=102 (30kg)
Greg A 45/64=109 (60kg)
Chris W 37/77=114 Rxd
Rohan B 30/37=67 (80kg)
Wil S 32/49=81 Rxd
Viggi H 23/46=69 Rxd
Allison J 42/50=92 (35kg/BPU)
Tim P
Jimmy W 41/85=127 Rxd
Tracy S 41/17=58 (35kg/BPU)
Mel Web 33/41=74 (35kg/BPU)
Lyn M 35/54=89 (30kg/BPU)
Alex S 39/59=98 (65kg)
Taya L 51/37=88 (45kg/BPU)
Michael L Mod
Donna J 72/24=96 (35kg/BPU)
Danielle R 40/40=80 (35kg/BPU)

Maddie L 59/26=85 (30kg)
Ingrid O 53/23=76 (35kg)
Natan G 31/41=72 Rxd+Strict PU
Maggie M 39/19=58 (30kg)
Mike W 70/39=109 (45kg/BPU)
John S 63/30=93 (50kg/BPU)
James HR 42/25=77 (50kg)
Matt H 46/35=81 (50kg)
Kate M 41/40=81 (50kg)
Denise H 59/43=102 (30kg)
Carl H 32/21=53 Rxd
Andy L 24/55=79 Rxd
Andy J 45/92=137 Rxd
Sarah W 58/51=109 (30kg/BPU)
David L 55/21=76 (50kg)
Sharif D 50/38=88
Jazz B 50/17=67 (35kg/BPU)
Clarke M 54/35=89 (60kg)
Charles S 57/38=95 (60kg/BPU)
Bluey A 35/52=87 (50kg)

Trainer WOD
Snatch Balance
Lily 40/40/40/40/40/35/30
Wendy Press 25 Across
Kate 32.5/35/35/37.5/27.5/27.5/27.5
Matt 90/95/95F/95/100/105/110
Doug 80/80/80/80F/80/80F/80
Clay 40/42/45/45F/45/45/47.5

4pm CFWP
Megan D 5+1SU
Bridget O 5+3 BU
Savannah F 5
Izzy M 5+7 BU
Emma W 5+2 BU


Ben H 23/72=95 (70kg)
Mary W 51/60=111 (45kg)
Tim L 27/64=91 (80kg)
Tiff B 37/50=87 Mod
Jason C 33/68=101 (62.5kg)
Lachlan S 21/66=87 (70kg)
Joel B 53/78=131 Rxd
Katrina W 27/55=82 (30kg)
Annette H 47/49=96 (50kg)
Aaron P 24/73=97 (90kg)
Simon T 70 Rxd
Shane H 26/34=60 (60kg)
Sarah S 54/50=104 (50kg)
Ian B
Bernie S 124 (80kg/BPU)
Eddie C 86 (80kg)
Ryno F 40/43=83 (70kg)
Rob Cam 32/79=111 Rxd
Cam LJ 47/90=137 Rxd
Joey D 49/34=83 (50kg)
Julian R 42/23=65 (50kg)
Richard E 33/29=62 (60kg)
Daru A 30/51=81 (80kg)
Robyn B 34/30=64 (35kg)
Robert H 37/15=52 (45kg)
Peter M 90 (55kg)
Chris Mc 23/67=90 Rxd
Ryan M 12/85=97 Rxd
Karl L 42/60=102 (90kg)
Gene S 134 Rxd
Garry O 24/112=126 Rxd
Ash D 67/51=118 (50kg)
Krista M 48/26=74 (35kg)
Rob Coo 110 Rxd

Pete F 43/33=76 (70kg)
Matt H 87 (60kg)
Feng C 42/114=156 Rxd
Nathan F 42/30=72 (60kg)
Sarah B 59/45/104 (32.5kg)
Amy H 45/54=99 (40kg)
Emma H 19/60=79 (40kg)
Steph S 48/41=89 (30kg)
Lyndon P 37/69=106 (75kg)
Matt B 90 (20kg DB)
Geoff P 99 (72.5kg)
Kris A 27/41=68 Rxd
Elizabeth W 47/49=96 (20kg)
Alex B 63 (70kg)
Brenda P 51/44=95 (20kg)
Janelle K 50/50=100 (35kg)
Jim D 22/50=72 (105kg)
Dennis B 46/75=121 Rxd
Tony L 80 (50kg)
Jesse S 84 (60kg)
James L 30/36=66 Rxd
Scott L 99 (50kg)
Shannon M 61/28=89 (30kg)
Jay B 64/42=106 (30kg)
Joe G 72 (60kg)
Harry F 56 (60kg)
Costa L 30/34=64 (75kg)
Olivia G 69/29=98 (35kg)
Amanda F 60/63=123 (35kg)
Jacob F 33/86=119 Rxd
Andy C 32/53=85 (60kg)
Kate B 54/36=90 (30kg)
Roger G 30/24=54 (70kg)

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