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Jim D

Fancy dress?


4k Run 24.20


Team WOD - 8 stations for max total reps
4 mins per station, 1 min rest in between

1. Prowler push/pull
2. Sand Bag Load
3. Tyre Flip
4. Rope Slam
5. Burpee
6. Ball slam
7. Double unders
8. Wall Ball

Team 1 = 891
Katrina C
Montana C
Jim H
Mel B
Dean S

Team 2 = 753
Chris B
Ash S
Tim H
Mel P

Team 3 = 816
Rob Cam
Jim D
Miguel J
Amy H

Team 4 = 723
Emma K
Ethan T
Justin Mc
Mel P
Jo L

Team 5 = 860
Lachlan B
Darren W
Emma H
Amanda F

Team 6 = 672
Matt H
Andy W
Lauren D
John J

Team 1 = 879
Mark B
Kate R
Michael C
Bill C
Kate A
Alison J

Team 2 = 601
Jessica S
Sibel A
Camille L
Emma S
Joe R

Team 3 = 841
Alan H
Steph X
Natasha N
Nina S
Samn H
April B

Team 4 = 636
Alana B
Paul G
Stuart D
Nada M
Caroline I


7am Intro
Brendan T 6.38
Jenna Mc 6.49
Peter D 10.39
Petra S 9.15
Lorene T 9.31
Victor A 9.42

Team 1 = 934
Feng C
Steve W
Chris W

Team 2 = 743
Maggie M
Daniel C
Michael L
Louise B

Team 3 = 706
Simon T
Greg A
Rohan B

Team 4 = 983
Tim L
Charlie S
Rob Co
Steph R

Team 5 =857
Emily B
Dennis B
Mel Web
Sean R

Team 6 = 604
Tim P
Alex S
Will S

Tim L

that wod was so much fun! it was awesome!!!


I really haven't been gone for long, but it is amazing to be back (if only for a while)!!


That was heaps of fun. I actually do feel better than when I started the WOD so it is definitely active recovery even though I still felt fairly gassed afterwards.

Sorry Feng who are you again??? JUST KIDDING!!!!


Team 1 = 761
Jonnie L
Mason L
Kate M

Team 2 = 802
Andy L
Annette H
Jodie H
Sharif D

Team 3 = 680
James HR
Shane H
Kieran P
Michael O

Team 4 = 830
Ross T
Andy J
Ingrid O
Clarke M

Bill C

A 210-meter ocean swim as part of the first individuals open games WOD, what awesome programming from the sly administrators of Crossfit HQ.


Workout from home. Thanks to big Tim L for this horrible combo.
For time - 20 rounds of 5 burpee's and 15 DU

17min 12sec


Wendy S

Fantastic effort from Sarah S today completing "Michael" - 3 rounds of 800m run, 50 back extensions, 50 situps - in 29:59 which was a PB by more than 5 mins! Way to go Sarah!

Ashley shield

Fantastic WOD really enjoyed it, look forward to the next one in the same style.


Nice Work Sarah!! A 5 min PB is amazing!


Team 1 = 843
Cam LJ
Jason C
Andy Co
Steve Mun
Jacqui K
Patrizia C

Team 2 = 730
Gareth W
Joey D
Joel B
Elizabeth W
Robert H

Team 3 = 889
Daru A
Dane D
Ed C
Katrina W
Nick R

Team 4 = 878
Jon C
Andrew Mc
Roger G
Arend Q

Team 5 = 762
Michael P
Kristen C
Gabby R
Matt J
Andrew Cl

Team 6 = 926
Chris T
Janelle K
Clayton R
Olivia G
Damian L
Feng C

Team 7 = 915
Sean G
Tiff B
Alexei A
Libby A
Karl L
Costa L

Team 1 = 1039
Sean G
Tony L
Matt H
Karel W
Kyle A
Melissa L

Team 2 = 827
Elliott P
James L
Kris A
Marc B
Victor H

Team 3 = 875
Jay B
Dane D
Jenni R
Ash D
Joe G

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