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Lily C

Montana C c\o
Damian L 27.56(1) Gary B 27.39 rxd
Jay B 27.52(2)
Lauren D 31?
Colin S 22.40(40kg)(3)
Kieran P 28.19(1)
Gabby R 21.53(3) 35kg
Tim H 28.12 rxd
Jonnie L 24.56 rxd
Daru A 24.56(2)
Steph X 28.05(1) 30kg
Erica C DNF(2)
Ash D 17.47(3)
Garry O 28.29 rxd
Steve Mus 25.35 rxd
Natasha N 27.22(2) Andy McG c/0(1)
Steph K 23.24(2)
Ange H 25.26
Jim H 27.24(2)
Matt H 25.46 mod

Andy C 24.03(2)
Lach S 23.59 rxd
Nick R 29.06(3)
Jacqui K 27.30 mod
Jason C 28.13 rxd
Brad F 30.20(1) DNF
Lou B 31.10(1)
Dan R 24.50 (1)
James L 27.17 rxd
Michael C 23.20 mod SU for PU
Bel G 26.20(2)
Steve McK DNF
Greg A 27.14 rxd(mod run)
Tuan T c/o 10PU
Peter M 25.05(2)
Donna M 26.32 (3) 30kg
Nathan F 22.08(3)
Zac G 15.58(3)
Jonno S 27.44(2)
Geoff P 21.15(1)
Brian J 25.27 (1)

Jonnie L

Jonnie L 18:35 rxd


Lol Jonnie...Lily has your correct time!

Btw...I left my NY cap in pigeon holes...will pick it up on Monday!

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