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Andrew L

I'd just like to proudly mention that I took this photo, and I love it :D - Steve and I have tagged a whole bunch of y'all on facebook, think I got most of the people I know / could recognise but if I missed anyone feel free to tag yourselves at https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150287520074601&set=a.149989244600.111109.596529600&type=1&theater

Lily C

Team 1 - 29.00
Bec S
Kate T
Tim H

Team 2 - 38.01
Miles W
Emma H
Matt H
Katrina C

Team 3 - 35.21
Amy H
Mel P
Gary B
Vaughan N

Team 4 - 37.08
Rob Cam
Nina S
Jim H
Dean S

Team 5 - 33.52
Montana C
Sonya R
Brad McD
Andy W

Team 6 - 37.52
Rich G
Fi Mc
Lauren D
James S

Team 7 - 34.39
Jo Lynn
April B David E

Team 1 - 37.27
Emma K
Stuart D
Bill C
Steve W

Team 2 - 36.02
Lachlan B
Shaun O
Angela H
Michael C

Team 3 - 34.28
Tim L
Sibel A
Dave G
Mel C

Team 4 - 36.50
Steve Mus
Sumi N
Mitch B
Amy C

Team 5 - 36.28
Victoria O
Jake I
Erica C
Alan H

Team 6 - 36.51
Corey W
Donna M
Kate A
Michael E

Glen W rehab

Lily C

7am Intro
Michael C 6 rxd
Garyth W 6+9SDHP(30kg)
Colin S 7+3SDHP(25kg)
James I 6+6SDHP(25kg/150mrow)
Ana Norman 5+6SDHP(12kg)
Michelle M 3+4SDHP(12kg)

Team 1 - 36.55
Maggie M
Sharif D
Chris W
Fabian V

Team 2 - 37.11
Sharon S
Mick Leb
Michael Lo
Andy C

Team 3 - 37.34
Louise B
Gabby R
Greg A
Dennis B

Team 1 - 36.39
Andy J
Kelly J
Ingrid O
Shane H

Team 2 - 35.27
Brian J
Kate S
Mason L
James H

Team 3 - 34.44
Miguel J
Mark C
Nada M

Team 4 - 31.34
Clarke M
Thea J
Andy McG

Team 5 - 36.12
Nathan F
John H
Jodie H
Andy L

Liz Boyd

This was a fun WOD and a bit different. Those L-sits were tough, but I think the surprise for me was how hard holding my head above the bar was. Thanks to Karel, Tony & Damo for giving me a lot of rest time :D


I really enjoy the "active rest" workouts! Very cool.

Lily C

4pm CFWP
Issy 10.30 (15PP+Purp)
Emma 11.41 (20+Green)
Bridget 9.25 (20+Purp)
Tara 11.53 (15+orange)

Team 1 - 33.19
Annette H
Cam L
Katrina W
Gene S

Team 2 - 34.35
Joel B
Sandra L
Tiff B
Chris M

Team 3 - 36.30
Steve M
Libby A
Anna R
Jason C

Team 4 - 35.42
Loc S
Krista M
Sarah S
Eddie C

Team 5 - stop watch failed
Myles W
Darren W
Sarah G
Sean G

Team 6 - 37.23
Arend Q
Robyn B
Damien A
Rob C

Team 7 - 35.35
Vedran M
Joey D
Garru O

Team 8 - 37.28
Peter M
Frederick S
Ed B
Adam B

Team 1 - 35.43
Kyle A
Nick R
Megan P
Liz S

Team 2 - 36.47
Kris A
James L
Sarah B
Chrissy F

Team 3 - 36.11
Scott L
James S
Dave W
Victor A

Team 4 - 36.36
Tony L
Damian L
Karel W
Liz B

Team 5 - 35.50
Matt B
Shez H
Mitch F
Dan R

Team 6 - 36.45
Geoff P
Anna Mac
Jenni R
Ash S

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