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Awesome photo Bec!


A true Crossfit Champion.

Darren Webb

It's now 12mths for me at CFB & I'd like to thank Matt, Wendy, the trainers & all the members (especially the 5am crazies) for making it such a positive place to train.

I need to apologise for the times I was blinded by ego & claimed a hollow RXD, short counted reps, had poor ROM or didn't quite get my chin over the bar in pursuit of that "Red Box". I ask you all to help me improve, by calling a "NO REP" anytime you see fit.

In the next 12 months I will get strict muscle ups, pistols, improve my clean technique & have greater mobility. Lets inspire each other when we train to be better, faster & stronger,& even though we train in a pack "If your not the lead dog, the view never changes"

D Webb


Colin S 30-37.5 (56@15kg)
Rich g 100-120FS
Jim D 52-65 (67)
Jane F 20-25 (81@5kg)
Alison J 25-30 (80@10kg)
Emma K 50-60 (64)
Jim H 35-40 (69@10kg)
John J
April B 175 (84)
Matt J 65-80 (74@20kg)
James S 35-45
Miles W 55 (9)
Gary B 57.5-65 (84@15kg)
Dean S 20-47.5 (93)
Tim H 50-52 (60)
Kate T 20-30 (48@10kg)
Bill S 50-60 (92@10kg)
David E 25-30 (47@5kg)
Rebecca S 35-47.5 (77@15kg)
Clayton R 45-60 (50@20kg)
Doc P 25-37.5 (42)
Darren W 70-90 (86)
Andy W 45-57.5
Chris B 60 (94@10kg)
Lauren D 25-30 (77)
Rob C 40-55 (64@15kg)
Brad Mc 50-70 (79@20kg)
Montana C 30-45 (8@10kg)
Fiona Mc 25-30 (68@10kg)

Paul G 40-55 (80)
Steve Mc 47.5-65 (63@20kg)
Chris W 57.5-72.5 (80@15kg)
Mark B 40-55 (80)
Gabby R 25 (57@10kg)
Tom Mac 30 (77@15)
Harry W 30 (43@15)
Amy C 15-25 (6)
Sumi N 20-25 (52@10kg)
Natasha N 22.5-30 (63@10kg)
Steve Mus 65-72.5 (96@20kg)
Michael Lo 85 (132 SPL)
Stuart D 20-40 (73@10kg)
Angela H 15-25 (75@5kg)
Geoff P 45-55 (52@15kg)
Corey W 65-75 (97@20kg)
Bel G 27.5 (51@10kg)
Alana B 47.5-60 (66@15kg)
Steph K 18-32.5 (90@8kg)
Helen M 22.5-30
Steph X 22.5-30 (93@5kg)
Jacob F 70-80
Brad F 50-47 FS (88)
Michael E 40-55 (37@20kg)
Jon Cr 40-50 (70@20kg)

Sharif D 75-82.5 (Bench)
Dennis B 70-90 (100@20kg)
Michael Le 50-60PB (59@20kg)
Zac G 40-50 (81@20kg)
Rebecca P 15 FS (59)
Clarke M 35-45 (77215kg)
Tim L 75-80 (71@20kg)
Viggi H 50-60 (73@20kg)
Andy C 35-37.5 (72@15)
Natan G 90-95 (93@20kg)
Gareth W 40-45 (51@20kg)
Chris Mc 75-80 (96@20kg)
Peter M 20-25 (60@10kg)
Krista M 35-40 (42@15kg)
Mel Web 35-37.5 (40@15kg)
Thea J 15-17.5 (67@5kg)
Maggie M 37.5-38.5 Bench (10 PU)
Nick R 20-35 (60@10kg)

Robbie Cameron

Post WOD/Pre Work Finisher Plus (for fun only)

For time

4 km 200kg Broke Down Motorcycle Push - multiple inclines at random intervals.
Add Helmet, Leather Jacket along with morning sunshine for extra challenge.

Robbie Cameron -45 mins on time sheet.

Corey W


Congrats on the 1 year anniversary mate .


Great words Darren - its a pleasure knowing you.

Gary B

Hey, I used a 20kg DB this morning!

Daz, congratulations on the awesome progress you've made so far, although I've only witnessed the last 10 months of it. Pistols suck? Well I'm elated to know that there is actually one thing that I can do better than you, just one!


Great stuff Darren! Your always setting a good example and I'm amazed at ea PB you achieve!! Well done, keep up the good work


Keep dominating Darren

Corey W

No RXD Robbie ? Was that option 1 you did ? :-)

Miguel Jimenez

Hey Darren,

Always chasing you brother. Awesome work

Brad Mac

Dazza, As I said today you are a true leader. Congrats on the twelve months. I know how much you push yourself and what you level of effort you demand from yourself. You have been a massive support for a lot of people including me. We all aprreciate it. Keep it up. Loving the 5am craziness.

Robbie Cameron

Razzle Dazzle, poetic words big fella - happy to call a No Rep on you anytime it's warranted although to be fair Daz, there are very few times I see questionable movements from you.
Keep on crankin!!


Hey Webby, good job all the same. You will do better from now as you have a super cool CFB towel, so no excuses and no dodgy reps. ;)
Jo says hi too.




Simon P 55-60 (70@15kg)
Lauren P 15-18.5 (70@5kg)
Kate S 20-47.5 FS (15 BB 53)
Brian J 40-50 (84@20kg)
Annette H 20-30 (78 @10kg)
Carl H 40 (99)
Mary W 45-52.5 (86@15kg)
Frani P 30-52.5 (103@10kg)
Ben H 50-60 (93@20kg)
Alan H 50 (102 @15kg)
Keiran P 45-50 (45)
Ainslay H 5-16 (75@5kg)
Kate M 20-25 (86@5kg)
Nathan F 30-40 (53@20kg)
Helen B 17.5-28.5 (81@10kg)
James HR 50-60 (63)
Gene S 80-70 (102)
Andy J 50-60 (49)
Joey D 40-50 PB
Matt Ho 60-80 (102@20)

Trainer WOD
Weighted Pull-Up
Jimmy 30-35
Lily 5-10
Clay 10-16.25
Jonnie 30-35
Kate 5-8.25(F)
Wendy 5-7.5
Back Squat 100kg
Ring Dip
Jimmy 14.27 Rxd (Strict RD)
Lily 16.08 (60kg) 7/5/3 RD
Jonnie 924 Rxd (Strict RD)
Kate 11.31 (45kg) (Strict RD)

4pm Masters WOD
Shane H 80-90 (125DU)
Janelle K 30-40PB (53DU)
Roger S 65-77.5 (143)
Michael Mac 40-60 (21)
Robyn B 30-40 (16)
Steve M 40-60 (Attempts)
Rich G 110-130 (280 singles)
Sharon S 20 (Attempts)

Jacqui K 17.5-20 (51@10)
Lachlan s 525 (60@20)
Simon T 45-57.5 (56@20)
Micah M 65-77.5 (91@20)
Ian B 50-60 (67 Mod)
Libby A 25-32.5 (47@10kg)
Joel B 50-55 (68@20)
Costa L 30-45 (44@12kg)
Victor A 40-60 (68@10kg)
Matt R 60-65 (61@15)
Anna R 50 (95@15kg)
Matt Ha 40-65FS (64@15kg)
Andrew Mc 50-67.5 (47@20)
Ash D 30-40 (68@15kg)
Cam LJ 60-67.5 (82@20kg)
Sibel A 17.5-22.5 (61@8kg)
Sean G 60-72.5 (76@20kg)
Nada M 20-25 (74@8kg)
Rob Co 65-80 (64@20kg)

James L 40 (68)
Scott L 50-55 (64@15kg)
Karel W 60-80 (62220kg)
Joe B 50kg FS
Alexei A 60kg FS
Nina S 15-22.5 (75@10kg)
Matt Ho d 50-55 (54)
Jodie H 225-25(56)
Micahel C 20 (37)
Chad B 40 (50)
James I 30 ( 81@10kg)
Nick H 20
John H 45
Megan P 20 (34)
Damian L 40-47.5 (50)
Emma H 45-50
Amy H 45-525
Sherrin H 35-40P (77)
Dan R 55-65 (47)
Sarah B 35-47.5 FS (70)
James S 40 (64)
Tony L 25 (71@10kg)

6pm O-Lift
Emma K
Simon P
Lauren P
Rob Co
Elliott P
Alana B
Chris W
Andy C
Montana C
Katrina C
Costa L

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