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Great tip from swifty this morning when squatting - get angry with it !



85 across
Second last WOD before two weeks in the Outback!


Mel B 40-50
Andy W 70
Nina S 27.5-37.5
Michael L 80-87.5
Montana C 60-67.5
Marty R 80-87.5
Darren W 110
Lauren D 40-45
Jeriah A 50-60
April B 25-32.5
Ash S 50-60
Dean S 90
Bec S 70
Jane F 40-50
Robbie C 80-90
Kelsey S 50-57.5
Fi Mc 35-45
David E 45
Yvette M
Justin Mc 80-85 (Bench)
Kate T 50
Mel Wea 35-40
Jo L 35
Miles W

Duane E 40-50
Cheree S
Sibel A 17.5-35
Amy C 17.5-35
Steve Mus 75-895
Alan Hu 60-80
Alana B 55-62.5
Aaron W 70-80
Angela H 32.5-37.5
Jon C 90-105
Geoff P 60-70
Steve W 70-85
Glen W 50
Brad F 60-50
Corey W 90-105
Tom Mac 60-70
Bel G 30-37.5
Erica C 30-35
Kate A 45-50
Steph X 45-55
Natasha N 35-37.5
Helen M 37.5-42.5
Victoria O 35-37.5
Tim L 100-105


6am Cont'd
Nick P 40-50
Kyle R 70-90
John Cr 70-80

Wil Sib 80-87.5
Sharif D 70
Lyn M 30-35
Ingrid O 30-42.5
Viggi H 80-87.5
Steph D 65-82.5
Annette H 55-70
Thea J 20-30
Gareth W 80-82.5
Chris Mc 85-100
Damien A 70-85
Michael Le 80-82.5
Donna J 40
Ian B 70-80
James HR 75-80
Kaylee W 30-40
Jac D 20-30
Janelle K 30-40 Bench
Andy C 72.5
Mel Web 45-55
Claire B 45-57.5

Jazz B 32-42.5
Josh Mc 40
Michael O 72.5-80
Peter F 72.5-80
Nick H 50-60
Kate M 60-65
Frank P 50-65
Nigel M 60-90
Helen B 35-42.5
Shane He 60-70 DNF
Chris W
Dom P 45-55
Matt H
Michael C 40-50
Alex T 50-70
Cecilia P 30-25
Kiera B 40
Regan H 100-110
Lyndon P 90-95 (80)
Brian J 100-110
Jim W 65
Zac G 80
Andy L 65
Steve P 40-50
Eddie C 80-92.5


Up Date from CFB Trekking Team Nepal. The trekking team is currently in Lobuche and only one day out from Gorak Shep where they will walk into Everest Base Camp. The following day they will climb Kala Patar almost 5550m. A great effort by the CFB trekking team having crossed the difficult Cho La Pass. I am currently in Dingbouche and will start the climbing section tomorrow with a walk to Chukkung for final equipment check and then we continue walking to Island Peak ( Imja Tse) Base Camp. The next day will see the steep slog up to Island Peak southern High Camp where we camp out on the snow and ice and arise early the following day to push for the summit at 6189m. The O2 percentage is half or less than at sea level. Temps at these places can get as low as -15C at night. After summit day we all begin the long fast tab back down the mountain and I hope to meet up with the rest of the team back at Luhkla for the spetuclar flight out. Thanks Matt for preparing me and the boys for the trip.
Looking forward to seeing all in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed for the final push.

Matt Swift

Hey RTF, that sounds so awesome!!! All the best for the summit attempt, we will be thinking of you guys. Stay safe and send us further updates when you can. Go hard!

Alex C

I'm jealous, sounds awesome Rich!!!! Can't wait to see some photos when you guys get back take care see you soon

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