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Matt, when you say the bottom of the rep - do you mean the start position, the bottom of the squat or both?



I mean the receive position at the bottom of the squat. Sorry, I should have been clearer

Alana B

Alex P: 42.5/45/47.5(1) ...45 felt extremely easy but I became a headcase at 47.5

Alana B: 50/50/50... thanks Matt! then 3x 35 in a better position


65 across done as squat cleans due to shoulder retardedness


70/75/80 felt sweet - love working from the hang

Rob Dennis

30,35, 40(1). Still a lot of work to be done.


32.5/35/37.5(1) I know where I'm going wrong.. Now just to fix it :)


Couldn't get to WOD. Did a modified option at home. Subbed rope climbs for 3x3 strict pullups and strict k2e (9 total of each) per round. Didn't realise that would be 36 strict pullups before I started!! 27:02




25kg across - light for back but on the comeback trail now yay!


42.5/45/45 - failed bigtime at 47.5.

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